Non-registered goats for sale!

Our Vision

After being given a huge responsibilty to manage goatsonline, and having had too many gremlins to fight, see story HERE, our vision here is to create a one-stop shop for all breeds of goat, so if you have a goat for sale please ask us to list it here, and we will help spread the word!

The process

Very simply pop over to the contact us page, and either fill in the form, or even better send me an email, with as much information as you can concerning your goat. It must include your contact details (only give me what you want to be posted online, email address, or phone number, or full address, it's up to you), also include your approximate location if you do not want to include your address (recommended). Then we would like to know the breed of goat, whether male or female, if male whether entire or not, approximate age or date of birth if a kid, relevant classification to the breed, the goats registered name, and a breif description of the goat. Then, most importantly, include a photograph, one that is web ready would be appreciated.

UK Goats for Sale

This website is aimed at selling UK based goats to UK based buyers. The website and it's promotors do not take responsibility for any particular advertisment, the content of which is taken at face value and no verification is made by us, so it is important that you double check your advertisement when it goes live, that it is correct, and if you are buying that you double check that the goat you want to buy is really the one that is advertised.

If you are selling a registered goat it would be useful to advise which breed society it is registered with.

Pictures should be web ready and typically be less that 1 MB in size, if it is larger than that, please do your best to resize it.

A short summary of the goat being sold is always useful, if an older goat it's breeding, or milk yeild for example, or if a kid it's parentage.

Next Steps...

Time to head on over to the contact us page....