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In July 2016 I was asked if I would be interested in taking over a goatsonline website as the then administrator had been taken ill, and would not be able to continue running the site. I met up with a very nice gentleman called Dr Richard Dunnill at a motorway service station and we had a long chat about his website and I was enthusiastic about taking it over.

I did have some concerns as the web builder that he used was not one that I had used before but he assured me that it would be easy to pick up and he was right, not difficult at all, but it was quite clunky and I found it awkward to use. However, I followed Richards well written instructions and over the next few months gradually took over the day to day running of the site.

Unfortunately Richard didn’t hand everything over to me, and the domain was set up on a domain registration site that I had no way of getting into, and the email system then blocked me, and although I receive emails, mostly spam I am afraid to say there was no way that I could respond as administrator of the site.

Gremlins attacked the site and I had no way of recovering from that and although I could still post on the site the lack of control over emails made the job quite hard. I heard that, sadly, Richard had passed away and the site, although still currently up, was likely to be pulled and so I took the decision to just let the site lapse, but with the full intention of setting up something just as good.

Our own farm became busy and I also got a part time job that meant I had little time to focus on this project and so for 5 months the whole thing has stalled. Now that the autumn has arrived and it is now nearly winter, and daylight hours are much reduced I have the time to get a new website up and running and here it is.

A new domain name has been purchased, a web builder that I know and use daily has been added, a new email sytsem installed as well. All this costs money and I have been lucky to have Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd as a neighbour and they have willingly paid to set up the site and cover the costs for two years, obviously in exchange for a little plug every now and then.

So, here we are, time to start tweeking the actual website to get ready for the first “For Sale” posts to go up, which I hope will only take a week or so, in the meantime I hope that Richard is looking down on me and is pleased that his website continues, even if it has been transferred to new ownership.

Your continued support will be much appreciated!

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